Everest Technologies Ltd was founded in 2010 by Irmi Inbar and Yossi Tzadik, and provides advanced electronic system development, engineering and manufacturing services for commercial and military markets.

  • The company's advanced electronic system portfolio includes diverse military & commercial products, automated test systems, interface drawers, adapters, electronic cards, simulators and much more.

    Everest Technologies' capacity includes project development from the idea stage to the full production phase, complete with smart integration and robust testing. Since its establishment, the company has delivered high-quality advanced systems within short timeframes, to the full satisfaction of its clients.

    Everest Technologies prides itself on its innovative out-of-the-box-thinking, which allows it to design and manufacture wholly unique solutions that fulfill its clients' needs. The Everest staff is dedicated to providing holistic solutions from start to finish, including all necessary hardware or software components and additions. 

    Everest Technologies' main goal is to continue paving new roads as a leading engineering company, while providing personalized service, high-quality production standards and precise, on-time delivery.

    Everest Technologies & its staff work in accordance with the following standards:

    • ISO 9001:2008
    • ISO 9003:2004
    • IPC620A CLASS 3 Wiring Standards
    • IPC610A Acceptability of Electronics Assemblies