Our Team

Irmi Inbar CEO

Irmi Inbar

After many years occupying various positions in the ATE field, Mr. Irmi Inbar joined Mr. Yossi Tzadik in establishing Everest Technologies Ltd, in order to bring new ideas and innovative solutions to fruition, for the benefit of diverse clients worldwide.
As CEO, Mr. Inbar oversees all company design, programming, production and manufacturing activities.
Mr. Inbar has a degree in Practical Engineering (1989).

Yossi Tzadik Co-Founder

Yossi Tzadik

Mr. Yossi Tzadik co-founded of Everest Technologies Ltd in 2010 with Mr. Irmi Inbar.
Mr. Tzadik oversees the company's financial, marketing and business development operations.
In addition to his role at Everest, Mr. Tzadik is the CEO of Wise-Tech, a company that represents worldwide leading companies in the field of test & measurement equipment.
In 2016, Mr. Tzadik founded Pointy Vision, a video design house, with Mr. Yohay Hayat.
Mr. Tzadik has a degree in practical engineering (1991).